Parental Approach to Managing Sibling Conflict among Your Children

Parental Approach to Managing Sibling Conflict among Your Children

When you raise more than one child, there would be disputes between siblings at every point in the lives. The meaning of the bond is not recognised by children and competing is a common phenomenon. Once the children become teenagers, they outgrow jealousy and sense of competition. Jealousy and a sense of competition are leading the teen siblings to collide. Adults too have poor family links. Adult sibling rivalry, or spousal competition, is caused by something unpleasant that happened earlier in life, or by recent occurrences.

In a household, sibling competition can be a common occurrence but it can lead to negative outcomes. If your children’s abuse is very strong, then get professional help. Excessive violence could lead to hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD) for the child’s attention deficit.

In the meantime, you may speak to those who are having related problems.

How to deal with sibling rivalry: For Parents

If you’re parenting teens, you need to know that envy is very normal.
Differences in school success, social skills and earnings contribute to envy, which is the primary source of adolescent sibling conflicts. Your unfair view and child-to-child contrast may have significant implications.

  • Fighting can be verbal or physical, but you must in either case offer the role of a moderator.
  • You have to make the children conscious of what behaviour is tolerable and what behaviour is inadequate.
  • Only don’t overreact when you see your kids fighting. Be cool, and leave them apart. Don’t interact with them until they have relaxed.
  • Listen to the various interpretations of the case, so don’t take sides even though you think out one of your kids is to blame.
  • Talk to each child about love and caring towards his / her sibling. Ensure that they understand that they must both respect each other.
  • You have to handle your kids according to their age. Don’t expect any child or teen to grasp it all.
  • Comparison can have a negative impact, so just point out the positive qualities they all have when you decide to compare your family.
  • If your kids don’t get on, don’t force them do activities together. This may provoke more disputes.
  • Investigate the source of their fighting. You can evade the situation when you know the reason.
  • If your kids argue for the same thing as tv, phone, book or toy, encourage them to share it and even play together if possible.
  • If your kids continue to accuse each other, remind them that it is the responsibility of both to come to an understanding.
  • Ensure that you are fair with both kids. Don’t let the older child take all the blame, that may give a negative perspective to your younger child that they can get away with bad behaviour just because they are little.

Another source of adolescent sibling rivalry is competition for parental affection, recognition and popularity. Attention seeking is normal, and what is unacceptable is children being viewed harshly depending on their success at school or at home. Gives the kids equal care and treatment.

Do you find it tough to cope with your children’s sibling rivalry?

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  1. It reminds me of my own sibling rivalry when I was a teenager. Sibling rivalry is very common. However, if parents do not come forward to handle the issue, the rivalry can last a lifetime.

  2. wow very helpful website. I like all post. This site all post is very informative. just highly recommend. thank you for share this information.

  3. This reminds me of my own sibling rivalry when I was in teens. Sibling rivalry is very common. However, if parents do not come forward to handle this issue rivalry can remain life long.

  4. Favouritism is one of the main causes of sibling rivalry. Many parents favour the child who performs well and is intelligent. This will have an adverse effect on a the child who performs poorly.

  5. I do not have any problems with my brother, however, I see a lot of people having issues with their brothers and sisters. I think the root of sibling disputes and rivalry lies in the childhood.

  6. Very Nice very helpful website.I like all post. this site all post is very informative. thank you for share this information.

  7. I am glad that you mention that the solution to this problem improves the quality of life since many siblings are already adults and do not forget these childhood fights and do not even look for each other. It is very sad.

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