Is Your Child Ready For School: Advice on Early Childhood Education

Is Your Child Ready For School: Advice on Early Childhood Education

You child may have reached the age to start early education but is he/she actually prepared to learn? Well,  if your reaction is negative, you may be mistaken on your conclusions.

Your child is smarter and more intuitive that you can never imagine. Challenge your child and encourage them to try something that she’s never achieved before, this would show your child’s truest potential. There wont be any negative consequences from introducing them to education at an early age.

If you are thinking on introducing your child to early education, the following tips may assist you in your journey.

Innovative methods of teaching: Children attention span is short, they may get distracted easily. So ensure to use different methods to introduce them to new information such as audio, video, multimedia, Smartphone apps etc. Also, try to go outdoors to show them new items so they can use all their senses which will allow them to remember information better.

Learning from storytelling: When lessons are presented as stories, learning is not only enjoyable but also successful. The method of storytelling should be used in children, preschoolers, preteens and teenagers alike of course the structure and complexity of the story would have to adapted for each age.

Engagement: Literacy is not just reading books or listening to teachers. Learning includes being involved in the conversation, posing and answering questions. Encourage the children to get interested in the learning process. Have them ask you questions, have them answer whatever questions you have also.

Alternate learning methods: Using the same methods all the time can become repetitive for your child and they may loose interest. Try to have different ways to teach them new topics ready before you start a lesson just in case that particular time they may need a different approach.

Prioritise WH questions: Introducing questions like why, who, when, where, and how will assist you to structure and explain a new concept for children to grasp better.

Learning by playing: Montessori Education programme is an early childhood education system set up by Maria Montessori, an Italian educator. Maria found, after years of study that kids learn better by playing games, so ensure to incorporate lots of games when having a lesson.

Factor in suspense to achieve successful learning: Mystery promotes curiosity and will stimulate your child to be interest on what they are learning. Add some secrecy to your lessons, attempt a sort of treasure hunt to keep your children interested in the subject.

Provide feedback: No matter what the outcome of your children’s attempts are always focus and praise their process and how hard they tried to achieve their result. Praising their attempts will stimulate them to always try harder and put more effort. This is a very important lesson to learn as our kids will never really stop learning new topics or processes and what we want them to grasp is that by putting effort in learning they will achieve great results. This will also teach them have a thirst for always learning more.

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  1. Right method and right approach are necessary in order to get your kid interested in going to school and learning. Some of the points mentioned here are really useful.

  2. parenting is a great responsibility and we have to be prepared for everything including education. Nice and helpful article.

  3. As soon as the child is two years, we should be ready for starting formal education for our kid. Early childhood education is most necessary to prepare for formal education.

  4. The school period is one of the most important and amazing parts of childhood. We as parents should help our kids acclimate to the new environment and rules that schools brings

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