Difference between mom and dad’s parenting

Difference between mom and dad’s parenting

It hurts to admit it but dads are most of the time not directly immersed in the parenting of their children. they don’t feed them, they don’t look after their hygiene or any other direct care of the kids. We’re not generalising though, in most situations this is what happens.

Mommies on the other hand are actively involved in parenting their babies. By feeding the infant to washing them, moms take care of every thing as they believe is their primary responsibility.

Daddy Parenting Vs. Mommy Parenting

Dads typically purchase books for his family but moms teaches their children how to read.

Dads gifts a pet to their kids. Mom teaches the kids how to interact with it.

Dad teaches how to drive a car, how to ride a bicycle. Mom teaches you to tie the lace on your shoes, how to eat with a fork and knife.

Dads and moms, all play a major role in bringing up their children. In most situations, however, moms are the ones who look after their kids at any time. This could have bored the kids. Moms should create unique exercises for children to participate in.  Equally, fathers may not be present when the children need them the most. Such as, he needs his dad to watch him play while the child has a football match.

Studies demonstrate that children who dads care about succeed in school and improve problem-solving skills.

Parenting ideas for fathers

See him perform: Attend all presentations or plays that your child engages into. If he does well, congratulate him and show him all the affection he deserves. If he does not do well, praise him for participating anyway.

Bring your child to routine doctor check-ups: ensure that all the necessary vaccines are given to your children. You need to routinely take your kid to the doctor visits. Never ignore issues relating to health.

Encourage physical exercise: Study suggests a link between brain growth and physical activity. Encourage the kids to walk, run, play games outside.

Set rules: You must create guidelines to ensure that your child knows how to behave and understands what their boundaries are. The children’s rules can be as simple as “do not litter around” or as important as “do not talk to the strangers.”

Mother Parenting Tips

Show that you are proud of your children: It would make you children feel loved and praised if your children hears you telling their dad positive feedback about him behind his back than when he is present, he will believe more that you are proud of them.  

Don’t reprehend your children at eating time: it’s very normal to argue or feel anxious at your child’s eating time. If your child doesn’t want the meal in front of them, present another dish to him or ask him what he would like to eat. Of course, ensure that those meals that you offer are healthy and have the vitamins and nutrients that will help your children grow. If he does not want to eat one time, let it go. Your child will not starve.

Teach them about personal hygiene: Teach your child the importance brushing their teeth and establish a routine for them to brush their teeth, wash his hands and feet and take showers or baths.

Stimulate the children to do imaginative activities: encourage them to sing, to dance, to paint, to draw, to play music. Creative exercises such as these will improve his ability to learn.

Instill good behaviour: Children are so emotional overwhelmed when they through a tantrum that they are not able to listen to us. Allow time for your children to express all their emotions through their tantrum, be present and show them that you understand why they are overwhelmed. Once this big emotions are over and your child is calm, talk to them, explain to them why you ask them to do a certain thing, teach them why certain behaviour is expected of them and their consequences if they do not follow our guidelines.

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  1. I think dads are more focused on earning money so that their kids can go to a good school, live a comfortable life; and moms are more geared towards feeding kids and helping with studies.

  2. This is a good page for all of us. thanks for the page. l like your video. i think evryone should follow this.

  3. While mothers and fathers are both physical with their children, fathers are typically physical in different ways. Fathers tend to play with their children, and mothers tend to care for them. … Fathers are rough, while mothers are gentle.

  4. Dad is the most important pillar in a happily lived house. Mom is also very important but dad fulfills all required things for the child.

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