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Daddy Time Vs. Mummy Time: How Daddy Parenting Differs from Mommy Parenting

Daddy Time Vs. Mummy Time: How Daddy Parenting Differs from Mommy Parenting

Generally speaking, dads are most of the time not directly involved in raising the child. Dads don’t feed their children, they don’t clean their children, dads don’t wash their child’s clothes. We are not generalizing, however, this is what happens in most cases.

On the other hand, mommies are directly involved with raising kids. From feeding the baby to cleaning the baby, every responsibly is taken care by moms.

Daddy Parenting Style Vs. Mommy Parenting Style

Normally, dads bring books for his children. Mom teaches how to read.

Dad brigs pet in the house. Mom teaches how to interact with the pet.

Dad teaches how to ride a bicycle, how to drive the car. Mom teaches how to tie the shoe lace, how to eat from the plate.

Dads and moms, both have a great role to play to bring up the child. However, in most cases, moms are the ones who are around the children all the time. This might bore the children. Moms should create special activities to engage children.  Likewise, dads might be unavailable when the kids want most. For example, when the child has a football match, he wants his dad to watch him play.

Research tells kids that are taken care by dads excel in school and develop problem-solving skills.

Parenting Tips for Dads

Watch him perform: If your child is participating in any competition, attend the event. If he makes it, hug him, kiss him. If he does not make it, praise him for participating.

Take your child to regular medical checkups: You should get all the required vaccines for your child. You also need to take your child to the doctor regularly. Never ignore the health-related complains.

Encourage physical activities: Research shows that brain development is connected with physical activity. Encourage your children to walk, run, play outdoor games.

Make rules: You need to make rules and make your child strictly follow these rules. The rules for the children can be as simple as “do not litter around” or as complex as “do not talk to the strangers.”

Parenting Tips for Moms

Gossip about your child: It makes more sense when your child finds you saying good things about him to dad than in front of him.

Don’t fight when your child does not eat: Food fight is very common. If your child does not eat a certain food, offer him another dish or ask him what he wants to eat. If he does not want to eat, let it be. Your child will not starve.

Take care of personal hygiene: Encourage your child to brush teeth, wash his hands and feet, take bath.

Encourage your kids to do creative things: Ask your child to sing, dance, write, draw, play instruments. Creative activities like these will boost his mental capacity.

Teach manners: Children are deft in throwing tantrums. One of the ways to control tantrums is by teaching them manners. You have to teach them how to behave well.

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  1. I think dads are more focused on earning money so that their kids can go to a good school, live a comfortable life; and moms are more geared towards feeding kids and helping with studies.

  2. This is a good page for all of us. thanks for the page. l like your video. i think evryone should follow this.

  3. While mothers and fathers are both physical with their children, fathers are typically physical in different ways. Fathers tend to play with their children, and mothers tend to care for them. … Fathers are rough, while mothers are gentle.

  4. Dad is the most important pillar in a happily lived house. Mom is also very important but dad fulfills all required things for the child.

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