How to Become the Best Mom you can be

How to Become the Best Mom you can be

If you are reading this article you are probably a parent and have an infact, preteen, or a teenager son or daughter, or both at home.

Now let me ask you a question.

Are you being the best parent to your child?

This is probably a hard question to answer. To assist you try to answer the following questions;

Do your children respect you, understand what you’re doing for their own good, do they follow your instructions?

Do they trust you? Do they confide in you? Do they feel safe with you?

We are here to assist you on becoming the best parent you can possibly be. Follow the next tips for guide:

Accept your faults: your children will learn to apologise when they commit wrongs when you admit to your own mistakes. Admitting your faults to your kid will show him that we all make mistakes, that it is part of everybody’s learning process and that admitting them does not diminish anybody.

Show love and respect to your spouse: Studies reveal showing respect and love in your relationship will positively influence your children to respect you, their parents and others. They will also have an example of how other people should treat them.

Be present and try to be patient with your child when they misbehave: Understand that children are going through a development process and are learning. If they misbehave or cross one of your boundaries, understand that they are still learning and try to react calmly. If they get upset themselves or even angry, be present with them, hold them, look at them with understanding and make them aware that you are there for them. Once the outrage has passed, then talk to them about what they did wrong.

Build their confidence: You will develop faith in your child by celebrating his successes and encouraging them. Through engaging in its programmes, you will also develop assurance in your child.

Let them go through their emotions: Let your child express any emotions they feel as this is the way they can regulate themselves when they are overwhelmed, also they will learn that they are free to be themselves without judgement.

5 Approaches to Become the Best Parents to your kid

Encourage independence: Development of your child would be impeded if he is too dependent on you. You should allow them to do tasks by themselves with supervision that they dont get hurt of course, but allow them to make mistakes, to break things but always be present and offer guidance but leave them to go on by themselves once you see they understood the instructions.

Promote cooperation: Guide your child to understand that human beings are social creatures and the secret to achievement is teamwork. Teach teamwork by showing your kids how to have respectful arguments with their peers and come to an agreement.

Allow laughter to fill your home: Play with your children, play along their silly games, act silly yourself to make your children laugh. This moments will remain in your children’s memory and they allow you to bond.

Avoid comparing your child to anybody else: Envy and enmity will grow when you start comparing your child to another child. Also this behaviour will make your child think that you do not think they are good enough and that will affect their confidence.

Things to bear in mind

Routines and boundaries are essential: Kids and adults in fact work more effectively under routines. Kids feel comfortable and know what to expect with routines, so work out what works for your kids and yourself and follow it everyday. Of course, allow for some flexibility if its the weekend of if a task is not very important. Please ensure you also establish boundaries as well so your kids understand what their limits are.

Over controlling has negative impact: Studies show that parents who are too rigid towards their kids, have a high probability to choose drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

In order to become the best parent you can be, you have to be eager to continuous readying, learning and listenting to other’s experiences.

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