Are You the Best Mom (or Dad) to Your Kid: How to Become the Best Mom


Let me assume that you are a parent and have a preschooler, preteen, or a teenage son or daughter, or both, in your home.

Now ask yourself a question.

Are You the Best Dad or Mom to Your Kid?

It might be difficult to get the answer. In order to find out whether you are the best dad/mom to your child try answering these questions

Do your kids like you, do they appreciate what you do for their benefits, do they follow your instructions?

Are they responsible, do they share their secrets, are they friendly to you?

Still confused?

Here are some tips to become the best dad/mom to your kids. No matter whether they are just preschoolers, preteens or teenagers, you can follow these tips to become the best dad or mom to your kids.

How to Become the Best Dad or Mom

Admit your mistakes: When you admit your mistakes, your children will learn to apologize when they commit wrongs. Admitting your mistakes in front of your child will not diminish your personality.

Love and respect your spouse: It might sound weird, however, research shows that if you love and respect your spouse, your child will develop a good relationship with his father and mother.

Say NO when your child is distrustful and intolerant: Don’t let your child become disrespectful to you or anyone else. Stop him when he becomes intolerant.

Build confidence: You can build confidence in your child by praising and rewarding his achievements. You can also build confidence in the child by participating in his activities.

Let him channelize emotions: If your child is angry, divert his mind by asking him to participate in interesting activities. If your child is crying, make him feel secured by hugging tight

5 Ways to Become the Best Dad/Mom

Promote independence: Your child’s development will be hindered if he is too much depended on you. You need to tell him that you are always with him, yet make him go alone.

Never push too far: Have high expectation. Expect your child to do great things, tell him to aim high, however, never push him too far.

Encourage cooperation: Make your child understand that human beings are social animals and cooperation is the key to become successful. Teach cooperation by asking your child to get along with his peers.

Be funny and humorous: Sometimes you are required to make faces to make your child laugh, sometimes you are required to dress funnily to make your child smile.

Don’t compare your child with another child: When you begin to compare your child with another child, jealousy and enmity will develop.

Things to Remember if You Want to Become the Best Dad or Mon

You need rules: Kids need rules, so do you. Setting rules for kids also mean you have your own rules to follow. If you don’t want your kid to watch TV late night, you also need to avoid watching TV late night.

Too much control is bad: The kids whose parents are too strict are the ones who do drugs, drink and smoke.


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  1. This is a very interesting article because as we are parents we need to know more about our kids. Now I learn more about this article. Thanks for sharing this article.

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