Getting ready for parenthood: Tips For The First Time Moms and Dads.

Getting ready for parenthood: Tips For The First Time Moms and Dads.

The path to parenthood is full of ups and downs. Parenting can be very difficult. You can be tough on the kid when you’re too stressed out. And handling the depression is of utmost importance. When you can deal with your pain, you’re not going to spur your own anger on your new baby.

What other issues are important to the people getting ready for parenthood aside from handling stress?

Preparing for Parenthood

There are many things that parents have to worry about in their first steps into parenthood but one of the most important ones is their child’s age group. Your child is going through various stages, you should consider those ages and handle them accordingly. Raising a new born is different from raising an infact or even a teenager.

Arguing with your spouse could not only affect your relationship but also your child’s mentally and emotionally. Children born in households where parents conflict with one another can turn into more vulnerable individuals as they may feel unsafe or in danger. Of course, it is expected and perfectly normal for couples to have disagreements. However, it is very important that parents attempt to handle any conflict by discussing respectfully and make their children feel safe.

Children raised in a household where fathers and mothers argue constantly would result with a difficult childhood. The person who had a traumatic childhood would grow up into a mentally and emotionally dysfunctional adult. When the kids see their parents arguing all the time, their sense of security disappears. This would reduce their reliance on parents.

Parents showing respect for one another is also beneficial. In families, if the mother has admiration for the father and vice versa, the kids will also have have respect for them and for themselves which is the most important factor. Children need to learn to respect and love themselves above anybody else.

Parenting Tips For The First Time Parents

Parenting is hard, period. But we do hope that the following tips will assist you in some way;

Please tell the truth: If you don’t say the truth, what kind of kid would you be raising? If you expect your child to act appropriately, the best example you can show them is telling the truth. This way you will help you child become a resilient strong minded individual.

Don’t lie to your kids: If you lie to your children constantly, your kids will stop trusting you. If you lie, your child will no longer value you, and will no longer love you. Even the white lies are actually very harmful.

Learn to discipline your child with love and understanding and without punishment. Imagine your child is a very important manager in your job and that you are teaching him a new process. I would think you would be teach in a respectful and kind way. Apply that approach to your children as they are the ones who deserve the most.


Alternative relaxation approaches such as meditation and yoga also often aid with planning for parenthood. You should pursue Zen Buddhist meditation, or simply study Buddhist practise.

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  1. Well, I am not yet ready for parenthood even though I have been married for 5 years. Parenthood is a great responsibility. You need a lot of money , should have a lot of time, and you need to endure hardship of parenthood.

  2. Sometimes I think i’m ready to be a father, but i’m affraid my kid (when I have one) don’t listen to my wordds anymore when he/she grow up

  3. The decision to have a kid should be taken wisely. You should not only be financially stable but also physically and mentally mature. You must also have time for parenthood.

  4. It’s really useful for those who plan for the child. We should be mentally prepared for a child before becoming parents.

  5. Hi, I think that in the sense of wishing them, we are ready with just wanting to be parents, but nobody is prepared to face what comes after birth, every day we learn to be parents

  6. Well, I am not yet ready for parenthood even though I have been married for 5 years.The decision to have a kid should be taken wisely.nice article, really helped me, upload more articles

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