About Me

Motherhood Diaries…Pain and Pleasure of Being a Mother is a blog from a mother to mothers who take all the pleasures and pains to give birth to a child and then raise as a responsible adult in this challenging world. Motherhood Diary features the knowledge, skills, experiences, views, and visions of a mother that might help other mothers.

I am a mother of a two years old kid. While I may not be the best to give advice on parenting, yet I can tell you I have done my best to raise my child.

I am a teacher by profession. I teach language and pedagogy to school children. I have been in this profession for more than 7 years. Even though I did not major in Child Psychology, I studied Child Psychology at the University, which has helped me understand the child’s mind and actions.

I created this blog Motherhood Diary to share my experience of parenting. On Motherhood Diary, you will find articles regarding pregnancy, childbirth, child care, early childhood education, children health, maternal health, home remedies for children and mother for various ailments, recipes for mothers and children, etc.

To cut the long story short, on Motherhood Diary, you will find every information on how to take care of your child and yourself.